The goal of this project is perform an intense monitoring of known bright glitching pulsars in the southern hemisphere in the S-band (1400MHz) using the two IAR antennas (A1, A2). With these high cadence observations we will buildup a data base to identify large and small (mini-) glitches and to assess an optimal cadence of observations for the continuous followup of each pulsar. We will also study the behavior of residuals of the ToAs pre- and post- glitch as well as the jitter effects at different time scales, and the build up new ToAs post glitches.
Among the observing goals is the close followup of the Vela pulsar and the detection of its individual pulses, aiming at observing next coming glitch in an online mode. We will also build up new updated ToAs post glitch for other studies, such as the search of continuous gravitational waves by LIGO and other GW detectors.
We are currently monitoring J0738-4042, J0742-2822, J0835-4510, J1430-6623, J1644-4559, J1709-4429, J1721-3532, J1731-4744, J1740-3015, with a near daily cadence using a combination of A1 and A2.

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